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Project Description
Enhanced Language Skin Object for DNN (DotNetNuke)

  • Don't direct users to pages with no rights to view it (to avoid a page with a login prompt).
  • Only generate urls that correspond to a real url to avoid errors and duplicate content on search engines.

Functionalities for DNN websites with Content Localization
  • If the user don't have the rights to view a page in a other language, redirect the user to the home page in the other language.
  • If the page in a other language is deleted, redirect the user to the home page in the other lannguage.
  • If the page in the other language is a redirect, generate the url according the the page settings.
  • Don't direct users to pages in other language with module parameters witch don't corresponding to a
module item on that other language page. This is for websites with content localization enabled.

Bug fixes
  • Correct bug when "Use Friendly Urls" is unchecked in host setting, that generate duplicate tabid and language parameters in the url.

System requirements
  • DNN 6 or DNN 7

Open Language SkinOject documentation


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